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Option#Order step 11- Create your album with our free software and place your order through our software using our secure cart.

With advanced photo lab image station software you can create flush mount albums. Images can be automatically inserted, designed and organized with just a few clicks of a button. Create any of our products in minutes! Seeing is believing.

  • No more waiting to download every image - software will automatically upload your order when you are done
  • Create products in minutes with our simple wizard. Makes designing a snap


Download our free 
Image station design software.


Create custom products in minutes! Add photos, text, artwork and more.


Place your order through our software using our secure cart.

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Option#2- If you have already designed your album pages with your own softwere.

Upload your designed images

Once you have made up your mind about the type of album you would like, go ahead and fill out the form on the right.

First type in your instructions and your contact number in message area to let us know what style of album you would like to order, then upload your images. NO DEPOSIT or PAYMENT is needed at this time.

  • We will inspect all your images for the right resolution in order to print high quality album. Then we will contact you for any questions or concerns, Price and the payment.
  • Your album will be manufactured and shipped within one week.
  • When you have multiple images it will be easier to upload a large zip file then multiple files